Taking The First Step – Starting A Blog

Starting, and consistently writing a blog might come to some people as easy as brushing their teeth every morning, or for that matter, skipping it every night. Many of these creative people start early, in college; and some enlightened beings even manage to find their way onto blogging streets while still in their school uniforms. However, the people who amaze me the most are the ones, who despite spending most of their waking hours at work, still somehow shake the negativities and exertion off their heads, and lift their spirits to be willing enough to write. For these people, it is a passion, an everyday obsession. Writing their hearts out or helping others with useful information is what they look forward to every morning, or every night, as the case may be.

For many of us, however, creating a blog always remains a dream that despite being so achievable stays distant and mostly unrealized. I believe that too easy access to the blog world, sometimes, ironically enough, makes people delay things. After all, it can always be done the next day? To add to it, the prerequisite of being familiar with basic technology shoos away many others from the pleasures of owning a space on internet.

I have met so many people, who want to write, and they probably do it too, privately, but to create something that looks useful, logical, and well thought out not just to you, requires a lot of labor. Not everyone is prepared to do that. Some decide against the idea due to lack of a concrete structure in mind, natural inhibitions, and lack of confidence in their writing. Also, since it is widely perceived as something more suited to a tech-savvy person, the paper-and-pen writers conveniently stay away from it.

However, once you start, writing a blog has visible advantages. You will realize it when you decide to post something – finding a topic, thinking it through, doing the research work, writing it down, eliminating the possible mistakes, editing the draft, all this is serious business. It takes time and sincere efforts. It makes you think hard, and in the process, you end up learning a lot.

I have gone ahead, and finally taken this most important step, so should you, keeping aside all the concerns. Internet is full of people working day and night to help novices like us to set things up. All the very best!


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