Movies With Visual Effects. That’s My Genre!


Back in school days, if reading in any way was a part of my life, it was only through comic books. I was one of those kids who would not be afraid of placing a comic book inside a text book and read it for hours even with an exam hovering over their heads. Pocket money for me had no other use than to be, as my mother used to say, “wasted away in collecting paper junk”. The colourful, exciting, imaginative comic world, with its amusing characters, exotic creatures and places, it felt, was my own.

I would often think about the possibility of seeing these superheroes and their world in live-action movies. Of course, I was absolutely unaware of a similar interest people had around the world, and Hollywood that possessed the means to breathe life into these colourful sketches, with the use of ever improving technology.

That was until the movie world was united by the path-breaking movies such as Jurassic Park and Titanic, that shattered all the geographic barriers. Every nook and corner in the world had screens showing these movies. These movies garnering praise and money globally, left everyone mesmerized, and delighted. Dinosaurs running around in all their glamour, wreaking havoc, and unsinkable Titanic torn in halves showed to the world that everything was possible in Hollywood.

Jurassic Park2

This genre of movies with visual effects immediately became my chosen genre. I started looking forward to watching such movies. I can’t thank film-makers enough for bringing on screen a flying Superman crossing earth in a second, an enraged Hulk smashing away tanks, and my favourite, Spider-man dodging skyscrapers, and saving people. Then there was Harry Potter and his magical world, Narnia series, Lord of the Rings, The Mummy, and the list continues. The kid in me was amazed, filled to the brim with joy.

My dream was realised further when I saw all that in 3D.

I still take immense pleasure in watching such movies and wait for them eagerly. But unlike many others, I am never bothered about how these are made. What is the difference between special effects and visual effects? I don’t really want to know. The fact that there was actually no tiger in Life of Pie, and it wasn’t even shot in an ocean, didn’t make me a bit happier (the kid in me taking control). Therefore, I like to remain naive; to surrender myself to the spectacle unfolding on screen; to see something I couldn’t even imagine, happening right in front of my eyes. Why to find a logic there? I love it that way.


What to Call You!

We finally met again today

So rarely do we now

Life has changed a lot

I wonder when and how.

We hit it off years ago,

Built on it every day

We smiled, we laughed,

Came closer on our way.

The bond grew profound

Still feels like it’s steel

I revel when you’re around,

you never judge – I feel.

You come when I need you

I arrive when you ask

We don’t pretend, we don’t lie

We wear no damn mask.

I wish you laughs,

and, bungalows that sprawl

You mean so much to me

Words can’t describe it all.

Don’t know what to call you

Names usually confine

‘Friend’ comes close enough

Let it be, I am fine.

Futility of following news

I used to be an enthusiastic follower of current events once. Newspapers and news channels would make a sizeable portion of my pre-breakfast meal. At that age, and stage, it felt as if I was moving ahead in life by knowing all that was printed and shown in the name of news. I loved discussing trivia with friends, colleagues, and just about anyone who was interested. I made sure to gather facts and material good enough to win arguments; to quiet people; to show off my superiority. It all made me look good and more educated.

Ten years later, today, I run away from news. The issues of a decade back are still alive, and nobody seems to be doing anything about them. Voices are raised by courageous people, only to be suppressed by powerful ones. Rapes haven’t stopped, nor have murders. Politicians still excel at speeches, and fail at delivering. Innocent people are harassed, perpetrators go scot free. People hate their neighbours, but fight in the name of religion.

What has really changed?

I am sure even if I stop following everything today, and try to catch up ten years later, things wouldn’t be so difficult to understand. The constant inflow of so much of information doesn’t make sense to me, if these are to be forgotten so soon. I would rather read good books than newspapers everyday. Books teach. They inspire. They tell, and share.