New Job

After having convinced myself to leave my job and devote my life to writing, and extensive reading, I am, in a sudden turn of events, back to the same old rat-race. Yes, I have just found myself a new – apparently promising, and better paying job, and it has nothing to do with writing.

The preparation for the interview rounds snatched away almost a month from my life. And I so willingly gave everything else up during this period in order to look good in front of my future employers. Clearly enough I am still excited by the prospects in my current profession. To be honest, I am still fascinated by the money on offer here; whereas writing still seems like an innocent wish, automatically dwarfed in front of big bucks. I had planned everything so well, but at the last moment – right at the very last moment I just couldn’t let go of my job, my financial independence. The fear that it might take me forever to earn what I currently do through writing never lets me relax. Moreover, as per my experience I am much more likely to return to writing when I don’t have to prove anyone anything. Maybe I should keep it simple and write for fun for some more time until I know it’s time.

So with a new job and more money, here I am back to business – writing just to feel alive.