Out Of My League You Are But…

I pause,

Stare hard,

At screen with bleary eyes,

It’s time I know,

Let’s go – Heart cries,

But the lights are still on,

My boss is on the phone,

That means I can’t move,

I let out a groan,

She knocks,

Walks past,

And submits her work,

I smile,

Say ‘night,

I think I’m a jerk,

I want to go,

Along with her too,

Her earrings are new,

What am I going to do?

She spins,

And leaves,

Her fragrance still stays,

I close,

My eyes,

My heart ablaze,

I hear her say bye,

To all outside,

Out of my league she is,

I should’ve still tried,

It’s been some days,

My life is such,

We work together,

What else?

Nothing much,

Today is the day,

I thought I would say,

Anything beyond a smile,

And clear up the way,


She leaves,

I am alone,

A couple of hours gone,

I rub my eyes,

Stretch my back,

Suppress a possible yawn,


I shuffle across,

The hall to my boss,

Get a pat on my back,

Still feel it’s a loss,

Elevator I take,

Grab a burger and a cake,

And long to sit,

By the side of a lake,

I reach my car,

A heart with a scar,

In sight is a tree,

Beneath a star,

Just then it glows,

With a shiver and a tone,

That’s her message,

Her message on my phone,

I read it aloud,

She needs to talk,


It’s about work,

She’s in a shock,

The work she did,

Was ‘All Wrong!’ – she cries,

But I’ve sent it ahead,

My blood all dries,

I sit in fright,

My eyes on the tree,

I call up my boss,

Just say it was me,

I take all the flak,

And then call her back,

I state what I’ve done,

She screams I’m a crack!

She says she is sorry,

I say,

That’s alright,

She talks she laughs,

Right past midnight,

Still dreaming of her,

Not blinking at all,

I’m thinking what next,

Now that,

We’ve broken the wall.



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