Tackle it – that’s the only way

It’s amazing how people, while reading a self-help book – a book with positive thoughts smeared all over on the pages, get a high, an instant psychological upliftment. The moment the book is slammed shut, however, and a real situation stares us in the eyes, not a single positive word or sentence manages to come out to our rescue. No matter how hard you try. The book ceases to exist. You search all over in your mind to catch hold of a ray of hope, but you make no headway. So, is it really possible to get rid of negative feelings, or is it just something that people who are actually happy would want us to believe is possible, because they aren’t in the moment? In the moment your mind tends to lose its capacity to focus. Now what should a person do in a time like that? Should he go back to reading? The book sits right there on the table in front of you, but is deliberately made invisible by your mind. The very idea actually seems ridiculous. Try watching a good episode of the T.V. show you love, but all you can hear is the pounding of your heartbeats – an indication of your frightened heart. Resorting to social media makes you feel the worst – everybody else in the world is having a ball.

I believe talking with someone close might help. It really does. But you have got to be really honest, and open. Not afraid of showing your weakness. As, not the situation, but your belief that you are not capable enough to handle it is the real cause of the pessimism. The importance of your belief in yourself and your abilities can not be overemphasized. We all can handle much bigger problems than we think we can. Our current perceptions and beliefs are really not to be accepted without questioning. They are based on a limited data – our experiences so far. Remember how many times in past we have surprised ourselves by coming out stronger than our adversaries. Just because we accepted the challenge of stepping in the situation, which looked really messy from afar.

Don’t believe yourself when you feel that you can’t handle the pressure or the problems. It is not true. So many people face similar of worse situations everyday. They are not better, but just braver. Be brave, and back yourself. Just face the problem, it really isn’t as bad as you imagine it to be. We have all experienced that. And stop yourself from thinking about it repeatedly. No point doing that. Simply. Write it down on a piece of paper, find the solutions. Write all the alternatives, and choose the best one according to you. Make plans to tackle it, and just go about living your life as usual. Just follow your plan when the day comes, but for God’s sake, just forget it until then.

Life is too precious to be spent away brooding. You can do much better. And we can really turn difficulties into opportunities – it’s not just a saying. I am in the moment, and I have come up with a post. So the situation isn’t bad enough to restrict me writing my way out of it. If it couldn’t stop me piecing together words into meaningful sentences, how bad it really can be. It’s nothing, and I am ashamed I ever buckled down under it, even for a moment.