Simplifying Life

The days of confusion and haziness are kind of over now. I have always believed it is easier to think about retiring than actually doing it. The moment I think of leaving the pleasures that a job brings, I would freeze with dread. The investments would stop, extravagance will have no chance, days will go back to where I used to think how much do I have before entering a shop, frugality will decide which are needs and which ones are just plain, avoidable desires. But then, life will be much simpler, no more daily commute to office, no slavery of the clients, no feelings of depression on Sundays. I just want to do what I like, whether it is going to make me rich, or a more likely pauper. Anyway, I have always felt that deep down I have never been inclined towards getting more. Having less but enough has brought about all the peace that I need to sleep at night. And fortunately I have just about enough to sustain.

Simplicity has always attracted me – in people as well as life. I immediately feel incongruous at a party if not surrounded by the people I like. I like having food at home than dining at a famous restaurant. I have a very small circle of friends. In fact it can’t really be called a circle. I have innumerable acquaintances, just like everyone else, but the people I can call friends – not many. And, I am happy. I know they will always stand by me. Help me.

Everyday at office, I encounter a dwindling focus on work. I used to be good at my work. I had the zeal to excel once. But no more. I keep thinking about my days in retirement. The books I will read – and a lot of them are in line. The topics I will write on. The things I will do. I don’t have any high expectations from life.

I want lesser number of people to say hello to, contact list in my phone to be small, no rush while having breakfast, or doing exercise. Not many things to deal with, for which I have to maintain a list everyday. No meetings to keep track of. No team to look after.

This still is a dream, though the difference is that I am ready now. I am not afraid any more. I don’t want to earn just for the sake of it. I will find something of my interest to do. Will educate myself in the field I love, not the one that fetches the biggest pay cheque. Will enhance my health to the highest levels. Keep my loved ones close by.


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