The Decision of My Life

I am finally doing it.

I have been thinking about taking this step for quite some time now.

Call it anything – a career suicide (that it sure is), or downright stupidity – I have resigned from a very safe and well paying job just to devote all my time to reading and writing. Wow! I can’t believe it.

All the financial stability that I had built so painstakingly over the last 9 years is going down the drain. But I am not really worried about that. The only regret is that I couldn’t wait enough to complete the tenth year – a decade looks good to tell.

The positives are many.

For starters – I am moving to a small and beautiful place in the Himalayas. I can’t describe how it feels when I sit in my balcony looking up to the looming mountain tops piercing into the clouds above. Additionally, a river flowing down in the valley, giving birth to rising clouds that extend up to the ones already there creating a continuous chain of white smoke, always emanates that soothing sound. It all looks so surreal. The air, it’s so pure that a few breaths feel like an overload of oxygen in my lungs. The greenery all around, the serenity, the freshness – all so palpable, you can’t avoid them.

The view from the Balcony:


The person responsible for transporting me to this heaven of a place is my wife. She works for the government as a teacher, and had a choice to come to this place, but could never come because of my job. I have cleared that way. Now when she goes to school with my son, I have all the time in the world to focus on reading all the great books in the world, and writing. She has bought me at least 3 years of time to invest in myself and my art.

The School:

KV 3

I am well aware of the challenges though. It will no doubt be difficult to adjust to this remote area. Coming from the capital of the country to some unheard of place high atop a mountain isn’t supposed to be an easy transition. The monthly cash loss comes to haunt me in my dreams sometimes, but I am holding up. I know that this is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I am not going to waste it. I am hoping to get the best out of this time, and return victorious. Whatever that means.

The Evenings:


If nothing else, this will be the longest vacation of my life, and I am loaded with books. I have nothing to complain.


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