Where are my friends?

Stories - Yours and Mine


One look at your facebook account is enough to overwhelm you, especially if you are a struggling writer or a struggling anybody. And, I am both, and I have just had that one fleeting look at the virtual world we all love so much.

In the photographs, all my friends appear to be leading a great life, almost otherworldly. A pang of jealousy courses through my veins, and I want to close the page. A divine intervention takes place: my finger develops its own brain, and turns the scroller on the mouse. Helpless, I see more pictures. People all around the world are ecstatic about something – smiling, giggling, laughing their hearts out.

Promotions are happening; world tours are common. Marriages, I mean honeymoons basically, are giving people reasons to feel happy again. Newborn babies are completing the lives of some others.

Alumni meets show the camaraderie that was so missing in the…

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