Like many others, who finally have mustered up the required amount of courage to create something of their own and post that for others to read, I too have joined this world of blogging for my love of writing. Along these streets you understand, and realise that whatever weird thought that was hovering around in your mind, and which you dismissed as something unpublishable can actually be a gem of a thought. The world of readers doesn’t judge you by your past, it reads you today and appreciates your novelty, your craft. For years I yearned to show people what I used to write on paper. Writing my own blog was nothing short of a preposterous thought at that time. I considered the blog owners too cool to be writing alongside them. But thanks to a friend who pushed me hard enough to create a blog, and store myself in the form of words here. Now I stay a lot quieter!

I have been an avid follower of life, whatever it is. By writing about all the aspects of it in the forms I understand, I find more of it every day. And to be able to write about it I have to live more of it now. That’s a fair game. I have decided to write just to reflect what I think. And, in the process I have found a whole new world full of budding writers. I intend to continue this journey and connect with you all, as we all are roaming around in the same ocean, some in large ships, some like me in small boats; some racing ahead, some trailing behind; but all moving in the same direction searching for the same treasure, same destination. Happy to join this ocean of talents!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hearing (actually reading) your thoughts is a gift, but it would be nice to know more about you. Have you considered offering your readers a look at you? Maybe even posting a brief profile of you with a photo? That would help round out the picture, so to speak. Keep blogging. Your words and thoughts resonate! Thank you.

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    • Thanks a lot for stopping by, and leaving a part of yourself here. I have a smile on while writing you back, and that essentially means that I am happy. Rarely do things make us happy now-a-days. I connect with your writings too; you are a beautiful writer. I will surely take your advice with pleasure and update my profile. Keep sharing yourself. Thanks!

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