Out Of My League You Are But…

I pause,

Stare hard,

At screen with bleary eyes,

It’s time I know,

Let’s go – Heart cries,

But the lights are still on,

My boss is on the phone,

That means I can’t move,

I let out a groan,

She knocks,

Walks past,

And submits her work,

I smile,

Say ‘night,

I think I’m a jerk,

I want to go,

Along with her too,

Her earrings are new,

What am I going to do?

She spins,

And leaves,

Her fragrance still stays,

I close,

My eyes,

My heart ablaze,

I hear her say bye,

To all outside,

Out of my league she is,

I should’ve still tried,

It’s been some days,

My life is such,

We work together,

What else?

Nothing much,

Today is the day,

I thought I would say,

Anything beyond a smile,

And clear up the way,


She leaves,

I am alone,

A couple of hours gone,

I rub my eyes,

Stretch my back,

Suppress a possible yawn,


I shuffle across,

The hall to my boss,

Get a pat on my back,

Still feel it’s a loss,

Elevator I take,

Grab a burger and a cake,

And long to sit,

By the side of a lake,

I reach my car,

A heart with a scar,

In sight is a tree,

Beneath a star,

Just then it glows,

With a shiver and a tone,

That’s her message,

Her message on my phone,

I read it aloud,

She needs to talk,


It’s about work,

She’s in a shock,

The work she did,

Was ‘All Wrong!’ – she cries,

But I’ve sent it ahead,

My blood all dries,

I sit in fright,

My eyes on the tree,

I call up my boss,

Just say it was me,

I take all the flak,

And then call her back,

I state what I’ve done,

She screams I’m a crack!

She says she is sorry,

I say,

That’s alright,

She talks she laughs,

Right past midnight,

Still dreaming of her,

Not blinking at all,

I’m thinking what next,

Now that,

We’ve broken the wall.



Night – Aren’t You a Gift!

The land is slowly devoid of light,

Even noise is about to lose its fight,

The tick of the clock is amplified loud,

It’s the time of the day when dark feels proud.


People at last succumb to fatigue,

Nuisance in the day, sleeping children intrigue,

It’s time to relax, to sleep, to replenish,

Even breeze runs slow, I know it’ll vanish.


But here I am, sitting wide awake,

Hot tea on the table, cold back with an ache,

Out of the window, moon looks a beauty,

Somewhere afar, a watchman begins his duty.


I love this silence – it’s fertile, it’s great,

It brings me joy, it helps me contemplate,

I read, I write, and I feel alive,

I do all that, that’s how I thrive.


No disruption, no distraction,

No boss, no client, no need for an action,

I work, I earn, I spend – all right,

But I meet my true self only at night.


In day I’m lazy, come night I’m crazy,

In nights I see, my days are hazy,

I kiss my son, my wife good night,

But, spend the rest of it underneath light.


I take no pressure to be the best,

No need to run and reach the crest,

I think and write what best I can,

Just want to be honest, that’s the plan.

Heart and Mind

In the cafe alone I sit,

Entirely clueless where to go,

There is a way I can see,

It appears to be risky though,


The heart jumps in,

And says that’s it,

The mind takes over,

And, screams no no,


It pulls me down,

And warns I’ll fall,

I shut my eyes,

Head hung very low,


I decide to return,

To the ways I know,

Heart tries once again,

And hums I will grow,


I take some courage,

And, decide what I want,

Mind caves in at last,

My face all aglow,


I think and I dream,

I smile and I flow,

I now know the ‘What’,

The ‘How’ – I don’t know.


What to Call You!

We finally met again today

So rarely do we now

Life has changed a lot

I wonder when and how.

We hit it off years ago,

Built on it every day

We smiled, we laughed,

Came closer on our way.

The bond grew profound

Still feels like it’s steel

I revel when you’re around,

you never judge – I feel.

You come when I need you

I arrive when you ask

We don’t pretend, we don’t lie

We wear no damn mask.

I wish you laughs,

and, bungalows that sprawl

You mean so much to me

Words can’t describe it all.

Don’t know what to call you

Names usually confine

‘Friend’ comes close enough

Let it be, I am fine.