A Day of Cricket

Probably after a decade did I hold a cricket bat today. And the moment I took my stance in front of the wickets, trying to focus on the bowler, every positive memory related to my early days spent playing the sport came flooding in. The days when cricket meant everything to me and a lot many other children. When every birthday gift would invariably be associated with this beautiful sport. It might not be the most popular sport in the world, nothing can beat football / soccer, but it is followed so widely in the subcontinent that we just can’t do without talking about it.

Eight years into my job, I thought I would have forgotten how to play it well with a leather ball, but some things, especially the ones deeply rooted since childhood, are never forgotten. The firm I am working with is organizing a sports week, and I decided to be a part of it by reaching in time for the trials to get selected for the team. I had many reasons to stay in bed in the morning – a Saturday, an hour’s journey to the ground, an ever diminishing state of fitness, winter morning, loads of reading to catch up with, movies to watch – however, it felt like I should go, just to feel young again. As it turned out, I still am very young when it comes to cricket. I was connecting to the ball well, hitting it from the middle of my bat, reacting in time, watching the ball till the last minute, and moving my feet. After facing the first two balls, I expected and hoped the bowlers would bowl faster and faster, as I felt I could deal with more pace. The confidence was back, and I impressed everyone there, including myself. The only thing missing was – my fitness. I was panting after a while. So, irrespective of the results of the trials, which are not yet out, I have promised myself to go out every morning and workout, at least for the next two weeks, after the end of which the matches are scheduled.

I am amazed at how such small things like playing your favourite sport can fill you with positive energy and feelings. I am looking forward to my selection – which I strongly believe will be done, and the new goal of attaining fitness. I intend to carry on with the routine even after the games, and enjoy a more healthy, positive life, and yes, play more cricket.