Can’t open the hood of the car – ‘FAILED’- You can’t drive then!

I failed a driving test today while attempting to renew my license. Many people fail that, so that’s not the point. But, in my case I had a history of more than twelve years of driving on the busiest roads of the capital. Then what made me deserve the stamp of embarrassing ‘FAILED’ on my application papers. Whatever that was, it had nothing to do with my driving ability or the lack of it.

Since I didn’t have my car with me today, I borrowed one from a friend to finish the job. After giving the testing officers all the sadistic pleasure of seeing people circling around, stopping and jerk starting again, and reverse parking into narrow spaces created with evil intentions, the applicants were asked to open the bonnet or the hood of the car as the last task. I saw all that with a relaxed air. They were all new, amateur people. Whereas I had dealt with the obnoxious Delhi roads, traversed cities, and sped on highways. I was secretly mocking the lack of flow in their driving.

So when it was my turn, I did all that was required with an ease only to be found in a professional. And, then, I was asked to open the hood of the car. I unlocked it from inside and confidently jumped out to get it over with. There, I kept trying, pressing, pulling, dropping and again unlocking it from inside, and repeating it all over again. It didn’t come up. It kept stuck there. Not moving. People – amateur, uneasy people, scared people watched all that, openly mocking me. Laughing at me. I tried again in vain, and then heard a voice to stop that and park the car away. I knew it was over. I must have failed. But why should this be a part of the driving test? I understand one should know one’s car thoroughly, but it was not my car. I had never opened it before. My driving was completely overlooked.

I was rejected and told to come again. I failed a driving test. I can’t even tell that to my father. He will have the best laugh of his life at my expense. Now I don’t have a license. And, I am really scared to go there again. God forbid if I actually make a mistake in driving the next time. God save me!